Easter Bunny Money

If you are like me a few months ago, then you think that rabbits are only good for their meat and fur. While that is mostly what farmers rear them for, Farmtrepreneurs work hard to make sure they never throw away anything from the rabbit-even the poop!

My friend in the farming business was once a research expert and one day he decided to focus his attention on rabbits. To his surprise he discovered that its urine and feces can be excellent manure. He decided to try some on his kitchen garden and soon he was greeted by flourishing plants everywhere. This discovery encouraged him to buy more rabbits for their manure and later, he was collecting so much that he decided to open up shop. White rabbit meat is free from the dangers of red meat and consumers are always willing to pay a good price for it. Its manure is much more potent than chickens’ and a gallon of its urine could earn you a neat sum.

Today, my friend is a sought after rabbit farmer who sells manure, fur and meat to the locals in his area. Rabbits cost very little to acquire and maintain because they require little space and food to thrive. Provide the bunnies with shelter, clean water, food and regular health checks for a chance to eke major profits from the seemingly simple farming venture. When you decide to venture into rabbit farming, make sure you understand all the rules associated with this business farming entrepreneurial venture in your country.

You do not require much skill to be a farmtrepreneur as long as you are open to new ideas and find research enjoyable. Such ventures cost so little but they have major returns for the dedicated farmer. For more brilliant ideas like this one visit http://farmtrepreneur.com/ the site dedicated to all things ‘farming’.