Building Blocks

In 1933 a carpenter had an idea that he believed would change the way children played and created. That idea led to generations of parents with sore feet after stepping on an indestructible plastic bricks while their children play, imagine and create.

Ole Kirk Christiansen founded LEGO and changed the lives of millions of children around the world. Little is known about the hardships faced at the founding of LEGO. Two years after its founding Ole’s wife died leaving him with four boys and a struggling business. Later the Germans would invade Denmark and World War 2 broke out and in 1944 an electrical short circuit in the LEGO factory burnt it to the ground along with all the blueprints for future toy production.

After all that how did LEGO manage to survive to the thriving company that exists today? The successful building blocks are innovation and endurance. Throughout every hardship that Ole faced he continued to innovate with new ideas with the guiding thought that ‘Something will eventually work’. His theory has been proven right over time and is exampled by the vast LEGO Empire that we all know and love.

So what can be learned from Ole Kirk Christiansen and the LEGO story?

  • What problems does your company face that you could innovate your way through?
  • Is there a principle of endurance that your employees lack that you can develop within your organisation?
  • What new innovative ideas could you develop and apply within your company until ‘Something will eventually work’?