Stress is your Friend not your Enemy

I constantly hear people talking about the issue of stress in a negative context. Lots to do, bills to pay, clients to keep happy are just a small portion of the many complaints I come across.

But is it possible to use stress to your benefit so that you can be more efficient in getting things done? I believe so. Let’s be honest if all your bills were paid, you had money in the bank, your family were all healthy would you really be motivated to get on in life? I wish I could say yes but it seems that the challenges that cause us stress can be used as motivators to help get us to where we want to be.

Here are a few ideas as to how to incorporate stress positively into your working day:

  1. When a stressful situation arises look for the solution and ignore the problem itself
  2. Prepare yourself each morning for how you will address stress in your day. That you expect some things to go wrong and some things to work. That’s life
  3. If a stressful situation keeps repeating itself then you need to change something. Approach the issue head on don’t allow mistakes to be repeated. Too many of my clients stick their head in the sand and wait for the storm to pass. In my parents’ house they have a sign that reads ‘ life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning how to dance in the rain’.
  4. Exercise is crucial to vent frustrations and enjoy a healthy dose of endorphins. A healthy body encourages a healthy mind and that can’t be bad.
  5. Be happy. The differences between humans and other creatures is that we have been given the dignity of choice. Choose to be successful in your day and make stress your friend. Do not allow issues to dominate your mind and overflow into your family life. It is a lot easier said than done but it is important to recognise that if you are stressed and trying to spend time with your kids you might as well not be there if your mind is elsewhere.

The previous 5 points are key in making stress your friend. Approach them with anticipation and be patient as it will take time to reduce your anxiety towards stress.