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Following on with my previous article I have added a few more details on the opportunities that become apparent with selling on Amazon.

To produce extra income that will steadily grow over time for your Farm business or even as a personal side business to help pay the bills these 3 tips will see you in the right direction. Amazon UK sells to over 26 different countries around Europe. That is a lot of people! Someone is bound to see the value in your product if you do.

The following 3 top tips are aimed at helping you see where the potential value may be with selling your products.

  1. The selling price of the item on Amazon should be around 3 times what the item costs you. It should always be sold for at least £12+. An example is that the cost of your product is £4 to produce and then you sell it for £13 on Amazon. This means after Fees, Shipping and other costings yourguaranteed to make a profit
  2. Amazon is a selling monster and they only make money when you do. A lot of people overlook the fact that in the item description of each product on Amazon there is the ‘Amazon selling rank’. This rank is basically Amazon telling you how popular the item is and how quick it will sell in that category. By researching various products you can find where your niche product may come in. Perhaps organic biscuits, Pet food, dried meats, organic juices from orchards, rape seed oils, sauces the list is endless but depends on what you can produce.
  3. Taking advantage of the seasons. Christmas is a great example we done exceptionally well by targeting Christmas shoppers on Amazon with our products. It is now spring and most are in the ‘losing weight’ time of year. You may be able to take advantage of healthier eating options and it is surprising how much customers are willing to pay for the right healthy products.

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