Easy to do = Easy not to do

It seems so simple. But for some reason it never gets done.

It sounds familiar yet each of us have something that is simple to do and yet it simple not to do. Why is that? Calling a client, family member, emailing a response, cleaning up it doesn’t matter.

The key I have found is to focus on the one thing. Answer the following question: What is the one thing that if I done it today would push me towards my goal? The one thing means you feel like you achieved something meaningful in that day. Once you discover the answer to that question write it down on a scrap piece of paper this simple act is already progress towards doing it.

Make sure you do your one thing first thing in the morning. Don’t wait till later as your drifting thoughts will make excuses all day long until you realise that the day is done and the opportunity has passed.


  1. If it’s easy to do then it’s easy not do.
  2. Focus on the one thing that would that would help you achieve goals and do that.
  3. Do it first thing in the morning. It’s very hard after lunch to do anything productive.

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