Arnold Schwarzenegger and your Business

Clients often laugh when I ask them what they can learn about business from Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have heard comments such as ‘I’ll be back’ (Terminator) and ‘there is no bathroom!’ (kindergarten cop). As entertaining as this may seem there are some profound lessons to be learned from him for your business.

Arnold Schwarzeneggers success originated in bodybuilding and he is considered the best who ever lived. He was 5 times Mr.Universe and 7 Times Mr. Olympia champion and holds many other records ( Many people assume it was his size that made him the best. This is wrong as there were always competitors who were bigger than him. Surprisingly his success lay in Ballet.

Yes Ballet. The Key to Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding was his ability to look outside of his industry to adopt the principles of a discipline as opposite to bodybuilding as ballet. In fact by studying ballet he was able to study how to show off his body in a beautiful and captivating way. The main picture shows him training with his ballet coach.

You are probably asking yourself ‘What has that got to do with my business?’. Often we get lost within our own industry and the day to day running of business. Old methods that we know do not work will be repeated and the same mistakes will inevitably occur. Albert Einstein once stated that “ The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Perhaps there is a discipline outside of your current business that may be the key to your future success. As you search for your ‘Ballet’ I would encourage you to be exceptionally patient and open minded. The success of your business is founded on your ability to adapt in an ever changing world.

Your Success will be determined by your ability to find a discipline that encourages your current business to shine through and break the norms. It sounds simple and to be honest it is.