Amazon Business and farming opportunity


Does the mother stay at home to raise our children or do we pay out the backside for childcare and have my wife work all day for a mere income just to break even on the child care costs? This dilemma as I know faces many families around the UK became a topic in our family as my little girl turned one and the paternity income stopped.


Being a farmtrepreneur and having an opinion that for every problem there must be a solution I went to work and started researching. My theory was there must be some way to combine farming, income, my wife staying at home to raise our little one AND the big one to replace her income.


The solution was and we have been amazed at not only the income from it but hope fast it has organically grown into a business. Oh yeah and it has been great fun! Everyone know that Amazon is the most powerful e-commerce platform on earth and they are the masters of on line selling.


We started to research healthy and organic food that sell well on Amazon….yes Amazon sells groceries!  Hardly anyone know that and here lays the opportunity for every farming business. We found some wholesale gods, worked out the sales price on Amazon after fees. BOOM profit margin. Calculate how we have to sell to make an income that covers all my wife’s salary equivalent and hey presto a money maker.


We have been doing the Amazon business for 3 months now and receive payment from the profits every 2 weeks. The income more than covers our food, Fuel, and a few bills plus my wife only does around 2 hours’ work a week! IF you have any doubt here is a product that we sell. We source this organic nut free peanut butter for £1 per unit….have a look how much it sells for


Do the math! The massive opportunity here is for farming. Allot of farming businesses can produce food stuffs which if they were to self-brand and market the power of Amazon can sell it. Amazon is a selling monster! They do all the hard marketing and you make the profit. I know this works and i haven’t even scratched the surface. If you’re a farming enterprise get in touch and we can help get you up and running. Or should you have any questions get in touch and we can give you FREE advice today to help you make an income.