You owe it to your family to chase your dream

My family has been pressing relentlessly for the past 3 years towards a successful life in farming.
Our family had a bit of a wake up call this week. Our precious 1 year old little girl sadly had an accident with some glass which resulted in emergency surgery and 24 stitches down her face. You will be glad to hear she is doing great now and healing amazing well.
Whilst in the children’s ward we saw many eye opening things that would break even the toughest of hearts. Whilst among the pain and suffering I was amazed that there was a feeling of hope. No one complained. No one felt sorry for themselves and everyone seemed to press forward towards a better future.
I had a moment to chat to one of the amazing nurses at York General and I asked her how do you do it? She simply responded “we don’t have a choice. If we give up who else is there?” These profound words struck me deep.
As I reflected in the past couple of days about my Family’s goals towards our future and farming I was filled with a new hope. We only live once and if we don’t concern ourselves and press forward then who else well. It is up to us to cope daily and make things work.
Should you be going through tough times in your personal, business or family goals I encourage you to keep going. There is always hope and as the wise nurse said to me in York General children’s ward “we don’t have a choice”. aims to bring all that hope and positive forward thinking to one place so that others may be lifted.