Why Farming ruined my life

Firstly let me make clear that farming has changed my perspective in so many ways. Moving from the city life to farming have vastly improved my family’s life more than words can describe.
For this reason farming has ruined my life because nothing else compares. Going to the cinema or other city life activities become trivial compared with the satisfaction of attending livestock. The joy that comes from solving a birthing problem to merely being surrounded by the sounds and smells (non of the smells can compare to the smell of sweet cinema popcorn though!) of livestock of all shapes and sizes for me is revitalising.
The family culture that surrounds a lot of the farming industry is also something that I treasure. Compared with a lot urban life where most families wait for the weekend to spend time together, can become extinct with the chores that lay around the farm and can be catered by each member of the family. The spirit of working together on a common goal for the overall success of the farm is unrivalled in both hardship and achievement.
Overall farming had ruined my life not in a negative way but in a way that nothing compares to it.